Go Microsoft

I am not a fan of advertising. In fact, I hate it. So it gives me great pleasure to denounce the worst advertising of the week.

At this link, the industrio-advert complex at Microsoft is going to convince you that their products are great. Like most Microsoft ventures, this is a failure. ( ok, thats probably unfair ). There is some new piece of software coming out by the Boys at Microsoft. It ties together all of your information automatically. It does reporting, workflow and even gets 900 miles on a single tank of gas. You'd think I'd remember the name of this Techno-Marvel. I don't. I lost so many brain cells watching this drivel, I am lucky to remember my own name. Lets just call it the TLA ( Three Letter Ackronym ). OK?

The theme of this advertising is an Advertising Company working to promote the newest TLA from Microsoft. What results is a dry work void of any creative merit. A surrealist stream of stereotypical business situations which I enjoyed as much as a razor blade in my foot. (Editors Note: remove violent imagery )

Part 1

In the first clip, aptly named "The Pitch", we are privy to a meeting between Advertising Execs and the Stereotypical Ultra-Busy Client. The client character says "I've got 2 minutes" and the Advertising execs spout increasingly stupid mashups of popular movies as a base for the new ad campaign.

Just as you are stuffing vasoline cotten balls in your ears, the wallflower geek in the room comes to the rescue


Part 2

The second clip, "Casting Session", is the stereotypical casting session. Actors and actresses voice the lines. From Shakespearean to overly dramatic, you get to hear the most boring words about the most boring product in a multitude of emotions and inflections. Lucky You!

Just when you find the recepticle in your room to puke in, the wallflower geek saves the day once again.


Good advertising is a motivator. You should be motivated to action by a good ad. Microsoft promoting their latest and greatest TLA ( three letter ackronym ) has motivated me to write this blog post. Success?



No Microsoft software was purchased in the making of this article

Also of note, the ad site is in Adobe Flash. I suppose Sparkle isn't available yet?. Has Microsoft had enough of their own Dog Food? Will the Hero save the pretty girl?

Find out next week on Advertising Gone Wild

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